Seeley's​​​  ​​Gallery by the Bay 


Price: $20 (lower)

$60 (middle)

$75 (upper)

Price: $60

Price: $2,300

Sterling silver link bracelet from the "Old Ones" collection featuring inlaid fossilized dinosaur bone, jet & copper highlights along with ancient petroglyphs, w/pat.pend. catch

Price: $600

Price: $40 (lower)

$30 (upper)

Price: $150

Turquoise, lapis, malachite

coral, carnelian 

Price: $1,100


Price: $15 / $18 each

Copper overlay cuff w/dendritic chrysocolla 

Price: $200

Sterling silver cuff w/copper highlights, inlaid w/fossilized dinosaur bone

Price: $3,000

Price: $55

Price: $250

Sterling silver link bracelet from the "Longings" collection with copper highlights, feat. copper West Africa Adinkra symbols (meanings stamped on the back) inlaid with verasite, fossilize palm root, lace agate, fossil ivory, jet, mushroom jasper, with pat.pend. catch

Price: $500

Surgilite & lapis

Price: $600

Sterling silver cuff inlaid w/turquoise, rose wood, dinosaur bone, fossil ivory, mother of pearl, turquoise, lapis, and coral

Price: $800

Price: $35 each

Price: $250

Price: $75

Sterling silver link bracelet with Kingman Turquoise (center stone) Chinese spider web turquoise (sq. stones) and old Battle Mountain, Nevada Turquoise (by sq. stones) and 2 Australian

Bolder Opals

w/ PP catch

Price: $900

Ostrich skin

Price: $200

Price: $500