Seeley's​​​  ​​Gallery by the Bay 


New Lander Turquoise 

18k gold & sterling silver

Price: $225

Old Turquoise Mountain from the Kingman area of Arizona. 

Price: $450

Lapis, Surgilite, Coral, Turquoise, Malachite, Mother of Pearl

Price: $350

Tiger Eye

Price: $70

Top: petrified wood

2nd: Kaily agate & lab sapphire

3rd: Picasso Marble

Last: Sonoran Dendritic Rhyolite & jade

Price: $185

Turquoise, Coral, Black Jade

Lapis, Surgilite, Silicated Magnisite

Price: $1,200


Price: $175

Turquoise, Fossilized Dinosaur Bone

Lapis, Surgilite, Malachite

Price: $450


Sterling Silver with Nevada Turquoise

Price: $95

Opal Turquoise 

Lapis, Surgilite, Coral

Price: $450


Price: $300

Sterling Silver, African Turquoise

Tiffany Stone (purple), Black Jade & Silicated Magnisite

Price: $450

Sterling Silver w/turquoise

Price: $75

Kaily Agate

Price: $70

Kaily Agate

Price: $70


Price: $135